Unterwegs 01
(split ep w/ decka)

12" + digital (limited), 11th March 2019

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The first record on Unterwegs sees the forces of two Bristolian producers: Decka and Other Form, combined on a split EP. Decka’s tracks are formed with pulsating, mind bending synth trips making you lose yourself into staggering locked grooves; both are killer dance floor weapons in their own right.

Other Form brings exquisitely produced, earth-shuddering artifacts to the B side. Concentrated in dark and heavy low end, both tracks show off Other Form’s eloquent sound design and ability to sustain tension.

Support for UNTERWEGS 01

“Great release!” — Henning Baer
“Precursor sounds promising.” — Rrose
“Really like All Those Dead Heroes!” — Cassegrain
“All Those Dead Heroes is deadly!” — Iron Curtis
“Excellent!” — The Black Madonna
“All Those Dead Heroes is a great DJ tool.” — Sophie Ruston
“All Those Dead Heroes is the one.” — Ganesa
“All Those Dead Heroes is the right kind of drama I live for.” — Ron Like Hell
“Surely these will bend minds on the dance floor.” — Oliver Chapoy

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